Smart Desk

The limits overcome by versatility.

The ideal place for Smart Desk is where you can’t imagine it.
Thanks to its compact size, the dual function of television and computer station and its endless possibilities of customization is able to adapt to the best in any environment, making it modern and functional.

Hotel sector

The rooms of each hotel can double the walking space, without renouncing to the seats or the shelves, providing a TV/computer station to its guests.

Smart Desk Hotel Smart Desk Hotel

Nautical sector

The ability to insert a television, a desk and a workstation in just 18cm thickness is the ultimate way to complete the environments of a private boat or cruise ship.

Smart Desk Boat Smart Desk Boat

Business sector

Public and private offices, studios, waiting rooms, conference centres or shopping mall. Smart Desk can revolutionize and make efficient and design each of these spaces.

Smart Desk Studio Smart Desk Studio

Public sector

Leisure, entertainment or work in every place. Smart Desk can provide all this in a practical way, in airports, stations, universities, schools or libraries.

Smart Desk Public Smart Desk Public

Private sector

Smart Desk makes every room unique and functional and thanks to its infinite possibilities of customization of colors, materials and accessories is able to make your home unique. From the living room to the children’s room

Smart Desk Apartment

And how is your Smart Desk supposed to be?